Sponsorship Appeals

If an application for landing as a member of the family class is refused, the sponsor must be informed of the reasons for the refusal. A member of the family class has the right to appeal the refusal of a sponsored application for landing to the Immigration Appeal Division (IAD).
The IAD may allow or dismiss a sponsorship appeal. It may allow the appeal on legal grounds or grant special relief on compassionate or humanitarian grounds, or both. If the IAD allows an appeal, the matter goes back for further processing and an assessment of whether the requirements of the Immigration Legislation and Regulations are met.

The decision of the IAD may also be “appealed,” by way of judicial review, to the Federal Court Trial Division with leave of the Court.

Please contact an immigration lawyer at Mamann, Sandaluk & Kingwell LLP if you are in need of legal representation for a sponsorship appeal.  Every appeal is unique to the individual, and legal representation is recommended for the best outcome possible to the situation.

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