Pre-Removal Risk Assessments

Before their removal from Canada, many people are eligible to apply for a Pre-Removal risk Assessment [PRRA]. A PRRA represents an individual’s last opportunity to make their case to the Minister of Immigration that the execution of their removal order will have the effect of putting them in danger.

PRRA applications are subject to a number of restrictions, particularly with respect to evidence that was previously before or available to decision makers at the Refugee Protection Division or the Refugee Appeal Division of the Immigration and Refugee Board. As a result, PRRA applications can be fairly technical in addition to requiring compelling documentary evidence.

If a person’s PRRA application is accepted, this represents a finding that they are a person in need of protection in Canada and that they are likely to be granted Permanent Resident status and protected from removal to the country in which they are at risk.

Although PRRA applications have a fairly low success rate, Mamann, Sandaluk & Kingwell have received a significant number of approvals on such applications. As such, they represent a vital last opportunity to apply to remain in Canada prior to one’s deportation. Because of the legal and evidentiary complexity of PRRA applications, it is important to be represented by a qualified immigration lawyer with experience in this type of matter.

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