CBSA Arrest

CBSA or Canadian Service Agency commissions a legally sanctioned act of identifying illegal and criminal immigrants and detaining them for future deportation. CBSA officers carry out a comb search through the immigrant populace to pick out individuals who are inadmissible in the country and by the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, arrest them for trials.

If you have been arrested and detained under the charge of illegal immigration, we may arrange for an early release. Furthermore, our immigration detention in Canadalawyers can help you avoid a similar situation by informing you on the dos and don’ts.

Some Tips for the Detainees

If you have been taken in by the CBS department, listed below are things you must avoid doing under all circumstances. Doing otherwise than instructed may ruin your chance of immigrating to Canada in the near and distant future.

  • Cooperate with the officers. Please note that non-cooperation of any kind including refusing to sign on a document of clauses in immigration detention in Canada may prolong the term. Talk to your lawyer about this.
  • Do not depend on the officers of CBSA to supply you with useful information on how to get out of the situation. Do your research.
  • If they are speaking in a language you don’t understand, ask for the mediation of an interpreter.
  • There is the option of contacting your embassy to report the situation, but that call for help doesn’t fare well all the time.

The best possible thing to do when anticipating a CBSA arrest or when subjected to one is to seek legal advice from a professional. The legal advisors working with us have handled countless CBSA arrest detention and deportation cases throughout their careers. They make pre-arrangements for prompt releases and process pleas of permits to stay.

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