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About Us

Since the founding of our firm in 1987 by Guidy Mamann, Immigration Lawyer, our firm has been committed to helping Newcomers, from all walks of life and all nationalities, successfully start  new lives; in Canada, and in the United States.

We have helped many individuals, families, and businesses to ‘plant new roots’, throughout North America.

We have assisted Canadians and Americans in re-uniting with their spouses, common law partners, conjugal partners and same-sex partners, in their preferred country of choice.

Newcomers, who were initially without immigration status, were offered assistance; to legally settle and permanently relocate, in Canada.

Many foreign students that dreamed of pursuing their studies in Canada, or the USA, relied on our Immigration Firm, to aid them, in obtaining: study permits, work permits, and Permanent Residence status, in Canada or USA.

MSK Immigration, has assisted professionals, globally, to obtain various types of work authorizations, to permit them to work in their chosen professions, abroad.

Refugees, and others, in need of special protection, have often trusted us, to represent their claims. We have assisted refugees, to escape: harassment, injustice, racism, and other types of persecution, in their countries of nationality.

Those who ran ‘afoul of the law’, entrusted us to handle their: admissibility hearing, appeal of deportation, rehabilitation application, Temporary Resident Permit, US Waiver, or record suspension; so that they could finally put their past behind them and begin a new life.

Others migrants that initially handled their own immigration applications, or who relied on other immigration practitioners to do so, and who were not successful in achieving their immigration status, later hired our firm; to successfully appeal their failed decisions, at the Immigration and Refugee Board or at the Federal Court of Canada.

Our combined experience, of more than 30 years in immigration and refugee law; has allowed MSK Immigration, to become one of Canada’s largest immigration firms

Our professional team, includes: Canadian Lawyers, US Attorneys, licensed immigration professionals, legal assistants, Paralegals and office support staff. 

Our professional immigration team of immigration specialists, ensures: dedication, compassion, and focused attention, to every immigration and refugee client. 

We maintain a 24-hour emergency service for Newcomers that are detained or arrested, by immigration authorities; or who are denied entry to Canada or the United States; at any time of day or night.  We are very proud of our professional immigration services; spanning 30 years. We ready to take on any: routine, complex, or time-sensitive immigration matter.

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