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India suspends visa services in Canada


Deportation delayed for man who has been in Canada since childhood

Canada is deferring the deportation of a 27-year-old man who came to the country as a child and who was rejected for permanent residency, even though the rest of his family was accepted. “I’m so relieved,” said Kemo Montique, who got the news on Tuesday. “I feel like things are pointing in the right direction.” […]

‘We need a miracle’: Hamilton family with 5 kids faces 2nd deportation to Chile

The Aboizneid family at their home in Hamilton, from left: Monir, Wael, Sadin, Samira, Ahlam, Qusai and Tariq. (Cara Nickerson/CBC) https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/hamilton/palestinian-family-second-deportation-1.6708118  

Family of 9 facing deportation in Hamilton says immigration process left them ‘devastated’

Sarah Alsaleh, 25, is facing deportation along with nine members of her family. She will be separated from her husband Adnan Taha, 36, who is a Canadian citizen. (Cara Nickerson/CBC ) https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/hamilton/family-deportation-jordan-stress-anxiety-1.6852240

‘We need a miracle’: Hamilton family with 5 kids faces 2nd deportation to Chile

The family has a mix of Palestinian, Chilean and Canadian documentation. Samira Aboizneid, 15, has so many plans for her future. “I want to go to McMaster University and maybe study neuroscience, maybe study law,” she says from inside her bedroom one Sunday afternoon in January. It’s lunchtime at the tidy townhouse where she and […]

Significant backlog in immigration cases and its impact on Canadian families, employers, and applicants for admission

My thoughts on the significant backlog in immigration cases and its impact on Canadian families, employers, and applicants for admission. #cdnimm #canadavisa https://t.co/B7EETXcSo2 — Joel Sandaluk 🇨🇦 🇺🇦 ⚖️ (@JoelSandaluk) May 9, 2022  

The federal government is getting ready to welcome 4,000 displaced Ukrainians into Canada

CBC Ottawa Newsroom Producer Interview

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Canadian American Common Law Status

Two weeks after border officers forced Canadian Stephen Barkey and American Cathy Kolsch to separate at the Canada-U.S. border, the couple has reunited. “We can’t stop smiling and just looking at each other,” said Kolsch, 61. She’s currently quarantining with Barkey, 65, in their recreational vehicle (RV), which is parked at a friend’s farm in Grenfell, Sask., located about […]

Immigration in the Age of COVID-19

Author/ Joel Sandaluk For the past several weeks, the COVID-19 global pandemic has left the world reeling. Ordinarily reliable government institutions and agencies have had a very difficult time adjusting to the disruption caused by the pandemic. For many individuals and businesses, this disruption has been disastrous. Global travel has been limited, productivity has been […]

Here is why the U.S. dropped the idea to place troops at the border

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CTV: Canada United States Border Closed

Prince Harry Duchess Meghan Canadian Citizenship

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan‘s decision to step down from their senior royal roles and the news that they’ll spend a “period of transition” in Canada and the UK has prompted a number of burning questions, including… can they just move to Canada? Can they work here? Can they obtain citizenship? While nothing has been officially announced, there are a number […]

‘Disturbing:’ DNA collection at border expected to be the new normal

A pilot project at the U.S. border that involves the collection of DNA from detainees will likely be a reality in the future, according to one expert. Earlier this week, the U.S. government announced that for 90 days, it would collect DNA samples from people in immigration custody at two border crossings – Detroit’s Ambassador […]

Heading to the US? There have been some major changes at the border

The Trump administration recently made drastic changes to the authority US border agents have over travellers. Here’s what you need to know. Amendments to a preclearance border agreement has given American border officials expanded authority when dealing with travelers coming to or through the United States. US. officials now have the authority to detain Canadians […]

New Brunswick mayor beckons Quebec students who feel betrayed by immigration reforms

MONTREAL – The mayor of Edmundston, N.B., took to Twitter Tuesday to extend a hand to international students who may feel betrayed by Quebec’s fast-track immigration program reform. “I’d like to remind international students in Quebec who find themselves at an impasse that they can always look east, to New Brunswick and even Edmunston, for […]

Canadian boomers who admit to pot use being snagged at U.S. border

VICTORIA – Canadians wanting to cross the U.S. border are being asked different marijuana questions than they were before cannabis was legal, says an American immigration lawyer who represents numerous aging baby boomers denied entry to America for past pot use. Recreational marijuana will have been legal for a year on Thursday, but any celebrating […]

What Canadians Should Know When Crossing the American Border

It’s a story that’s becoming increasingly familiar: A Canadian is denied entry into the U.S. for reasons that are vague or unclear. It’s enough to leave many travellers on edge at the border. A Vancouver woman recently came forward with her story of being detained for hours at a U.S. land border crossing into Washington State, where […]

Mother of Blind Son Has Refugee Claim Unjustly Denied

Mother of blind son faces deportation as government denies her refugee claim. Sylvia Williams says she has no home, job or family back in Barbados. A woman and her adult son with a disability could be separated for the first time in their lives because the federal government accepted his refugee claim and denied hers. Sylvia […]

Edmonton immigration consultant has licence revoked

Regulatory council says it’s cracking down on unprofessional conduct Agnes Kagabane and Martina Murray came from different parts of the world to start new lives in Edmonton. Kagabane arrived from Uganda in 2014 and claimed refugee status. Murray arrived the same year from Ireland along with her husband, who has Canadian citizenship, and applied for […]

Guidelines to protect client information on phones, laptops released

Canadian law societies are advising lawyers on how to protect their electronic devices when facing border security agents during travel. The Law Society of Ontario updated its governing board on the issue ahead of a Convocation meeting on April 25. The LSO’s agenda referenced a report developed at the end of last year and presented […]

Joel Sandaluk on foreign surrogacy with City News

Publication/ Faiza Amin, City News Immigration lawyer Joel Sandaluk tells Faiza Amin that while foreign surrogacy may be cheaper, there are still a number of pitfalls couples could encounter that could outweigh the financial considerations.

Misconduct among border agents investigated by CBSA

​Harassment, sexual assault among alleged misconduct by border agents investigated by CBSA. Joel Sandaluk said the CBSA needs outside oversight. Publication/ Diana Swain, Andreas Wesley, Stephen Davis · CBC News The Canada Border Services Agency, which has the authority to detain and search Canadians and carry out deportations, investigated 1,200 allegations against its own staff over […]

Is the Jewish community losing faith in immigration?

About two years ago, National Public Radio, the American public broadcaster, ran a story comparing Canadian and American attitudes towards immigration. Canada, the report noted, “has invited in so many immigrants that today one-fifth of the population is foreign born, and yet, broadly speaking, Canadians don’t seem to wrestle with the anti-immigrant sentiment that has […]

Canada is set to sign the U.N. migration pact

Canada is set to sign the U.N. migration pact, Immigration Lawyer Joel Sandaluk joins CTV news for more on this Publication/ CTV News

What Canadians can expect at U.S. border now cannabis is legal

Author/ ​​Sarah-Joyce Batters by Publication/ Yahoo News Canada has legalized cannabis, but confusion over the laws beyond our land could be a buzzkill. The only country Canada shares a border with, the U.S., still outlaws cannabis at the federal level, even though some states have legalized recreational use. Even with a medical marijuana licence, it’s […]

Pot rules and immigration, Immigration Lawyer Joel Sandaluk joins CTV news for more on this

Publication/ CTV News

Habeas corpus arguments strengthened

Author/ ​Anita Balakrishnan Publication/ Law Times Judges at the Court of Appeal for Ontario said they will allow an appeal on whether immigrants facing “virtual house arrest” meet the requirements for habeas corpus.Rocco Galati, a Toronto-based constitutional lawyer and sole practitioner who represented the appellants, said the case is an example of law evolving for […]

Border agents in Canada and the U.S.: What they can do with your phone, laptops and tablets

Author/ Megan ​DeLairePublication/ Yahoo Canada News In a communication era built on mobile devices and 4G networks, humans are conducting increasingly more of their daily activities online. Online shopping and same-day delivery mean bad weather, a cold or a busy schedule no longer equate to an empty fridge. Google Street View and 360 degree videos […]

CBSA report irregular migrants are acting as ‘anchor relatives’ for other qualifying family members

Aug 03, 2018 Guidy Mamann joined Alex Pierson to talk about irregular migrants acting as ‘anchor relatives’

Human Rights Tribunal rules employers can’t discriminate against candidates with no permanent residence or citizenship

Peter Shurman fills in for Tasha as he speaks to Toronto Immigration Lawyer Guidy Mamann to talk about the ruling.

Trudeau Vs. Ford On Immigration

Joel Sandaluk, joined CTV to discuss the divide between Premier Doug Ford and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on which level of government is responsible for helping – and paying for – people seeking asylum in Canada.

Canadians travelling to the U.S. should be prepared to hand over their phones and laptops.

Immigration lawyer Joel Sandaluk explains how border agents have the right to search phones and other devices without a specific reason.

Canadian Border Services Agency lacks oversight, but that’s only part of the problem

By VICKY MOCHAMA StarMetro Columnist A Canadian citizen spent eight months in immigration detention. The reason? Agents of the Canadian Border Services Agency “alleged his prints matched those of a fraudulent refugee claimant who was deported to Nigeria in the 1990s,” the Guardian first reported. In June 2016, Olajide Ogunye provided citizenship papers and an […]

Why Are Children Being Separated From Their Parents At The US Border?

Publication/ ​ON Point with Alex Pierson by 640 Toronto Guidy Mamann joins Alex  Pierson to speak about Trump’s immigration crackdown.https://itunes.apple.com/ca/podcast/on-point-with-alex-pierson/id1318830191?mt=2&i=1000414086143

Canadian citizen held for months sues government for $7.6M after border agents dismiss papers as fake

Author/ ​Megan CerulloPublication/ NY Daily News A Canadian man who authorities mistook for a failed refugee claimant is suing the government for nearly $8 million after he was arrested by border agents and detained for eight months.Olajide Ogunye, 47, was taken into custody by border agents in June 2016, despite producing citizenship papers and a […]

Canadian citizen held for months after border agents dismiss papers as fake

Author/ Leyland CeccoPublication/ The Guardian A Canadian man is suing the country’s government after he was arrested by border agents and detained for eight months – despite producing evidence of his citizenship.Olajide Ogunye, 47, is seeking $10m in compensation from the Canadian government after he spent months incarcerated in what his lawyer has described as […]

Canadian claiming border agency mistakenly detained him for 8 months sues for $10M

Author/ Lisa XingPublication/ CBC News A naturalized Canadian citizen who spent eight months in Ontario detention centres awaiting immigration officials to verify his identity is suing the Canada Border Services Agency for $10 million. Olajide Ogunye, 47, was born in Nigeria and moved to Canada with his family in the 1990s. A few years after […]

What Canadians need to know when driving in the U.S.

Author/ Sarah RohomanPublication/ Yahoo Canada News Canadians were shocked when they heard the story last week of 27-year-old Emily Nield being handcuffed, arrested, jailed and charged in the state of Georgia for driving with a Canadian license. The charges against Nield have been dropped but the recent graduate wants her story to serve as a […]

Canada becomes more accessible to immigrants with disability and illness

Author/ Megan DeLairePublication/ Yahoo Canada News The federal government has announced major changes to its outdated medical inadmissibility rules that will lead to fewer sick and disabled hopeful immigrants being turned away.Under the former rules, approximately 1,000 applications for permanent and temporary residence were rejected on the grounds of medical inadmissibility each year. Between 200 […]

Angry Young Men and Cops Who Don’t Kill You

Publication/ Safe Space CBC Podcasts

Flying to Canada from U.S.? Travelers could face new customs requirement at airports

How the Liberals will finance the increase in Canadian Immigration

Canadian acceptance of “asylum seekers” reaches concerning level

Can travellers trust Canada’s new trusted traveller system?

How does Canada handle immigration?

Canadian government to strip citizenship from man accused of Bosnian war crimes

Trump’s immigration crackdown means more Illegals for Canada

CTV Interview, Guidy Mamann looks at if smoking pot will effect your travel plans to the US.

Lost in the NAFTA drama: The easy movement of people

Canadians ‘strapped’ with obligation to help ISIS supporting citizens

Canada needs a DREAM Act for young people living here illegally

Case highlights gaps for immigrant lawyers

Woman arrested for allegedly defrauding would-be Canadian immigrants

New Article by Ali Esnaashari in the Toronto Law Journal

Detained immigrant children ‘legally invisible’ in Canada, report claims

Joel Sandaluk interviewed by iPolitics about the increase of interest in immigration to Canada by post-election Americans

Guidy Mamann is interviewed by CBC News about “Does racial profiling exist at the Canada-US border?”

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