E1 Visa Treaty Traders
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E-1 Visas Treaty Traders

More Information About the Process

The E-1 visa is available for individuals or companies owned by individuals who are citizens of countries that have a treaty of commerce and navigation with the US. The treaty trader must engage in substantial cross-border trade that is principally between the US and the treaty country. This means that a large amount of revenue from US clients should be generated and, out of all international trade, more than 50% must be with US entities. It is also important, for the purposes of the visa application, to show that there is a continuous flow of trade. For example, a single client or a single transaction may not constitute substantial trade. Items of trade can include goods, services, transportation and certain other activities.

Frequently asked questions about E-1 Visa

If all of the requirements are met, a company or an individual can be registered as a treaty trader.

Yes. Once a company or individual registered, multiple employees of the company or individual can apply for E visas. The employee of the treaty trader must be the same nationality as the principal employer and perform executive, supervisory or other activities with skills that require special qualifications.

You may be able to obtain an E-1 if your employer is located abroad and registered as a treaty trader, even if there is no US office. You can travel to the US to work for your E-1 employer at a single office or various locations.

There are several countries that have treaties of commerce and navigation with the US, such as Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Honduras, Italy, Mexico, South Korea, The United Kingdom and others. You can check the U.S. Department of State’s website under the section related to Treaty Countries for a current list.

The E-1 is valid for up to five years, with a maximum initial stay of 2 years.

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Our firm has experienced U.S. immigration lawyers who have worked with major companies and individuals around the world. We would be happy to assist you or your company by providing advice and handling applications to help achieve your short and long-term US immigration goals. E-1 applications can be extremely difficult and require extensive documentation as well as preparation for an in-person appointment at a consulate. If you wish to obtain an E-1 it is important to properly prepare the application in order to present the strongest case possible. Contact us today to book a consultation or fill out the assessment form.