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Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer opportunities are an important part of the education process for anyone seeking employment in the legal field. As such, Mamann Sandaluk LLP recognizes the need to provide placements to those interested in pursuing the experience and education required for a meaningful career. We do not provide educational instruction, but we can provide a hands-on environment for those willing to roll up their sleeves and get involved in the business end of the daily routines at a busy law firm.

Our volunteers are considered members of staff and should expect to be viewed as representatives of the firm to the wider community. As such, they undertake to abide by general policy standards and in return, Mamann Sandaluk LLP can provide:

Beneficial and life-enriching experiences;
Hands-on training;
Opportunities for professional development and interaction with other staff and volunteers in the field; and
An opportunity to learn about immigration, law office procedures, process serving, filing and much more as well as a chance to learn how we operate behind the scenes.

We operate in cooperation with various colleges, schools and training facilities by providing on-site placement opportunities. To learn more, you should ask your placement coordinator to contact us regarding available placement opportunities. Resumes can be sent to: hr@migrationlaw.com.

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