Civil Litigation Services at Mamann, Sandaluk & Kingwell
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Civil Litigation Services

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Mamann, Sandaluk & Kingwell LLP is proud to start offering general civil litigation services under its new banner of MSK Barristers.

The lawyers at MSK Barristers understand that litigation can be an emotional, sometimes exhausting, and complicated process which requires experienced counsel to achieve the best results. The decision to start litigating is not an easy one, but it is often necessitated by the desire to make yourself whole again after experiencing a personal or financial loss.

MSK Barristers is committed to working with our clients to identify their goals and develop a winning strategy in order to achieve the best outcome possible for every individual case. We are committed to strong advocacy at every turn of your case, which can includes complicated court proceedings, trials, and negotiations at alternative dispute resolution processes.

The lawyers at MSK Barristers have experience with all types of civil litigation, and have appeared at all levels of Ontario and Federal Courts on motions, at trials or on appeals. In addition to representing our clients before the Court, we also represent our clients before various administrative tribunals, agencies, and commissions at both the provincial and Federal levels.

Whether it is employment law, personal injury, or matters arising out of a contract dispute, the lawyers at MSK Barristers are dedicated to helping you at every turn of the way and have an excellent track record of success for their clients.

Employment Litigation

MSK Barristers brings many years of experience in addressing and resolving employment law issues between employers and employees in non-union settings.

Estates Litigation

MSK Barristers understands that there are emotional stakes involved in estate litigation and our clients’ needs for a prompt resolution to these issues so that all members of the family can address those outstanding issues and move on to remember the legacy of the deceased.

Personal Injury Law

From an accident, to a slip and fall, if you believe another party is at fault for your loss, you could have the right to recover appropriate damages.

Commercial Litigation

If you are in any dispute involving business relationships, commercial litigation, property disputes, or property claims, MSK Barristers is happy to help you navigate these potential claims and help advise you about the best next steps to move forward and resolve any such disputes.