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Employment Litigation

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If you have recently been dismissed from your employment or terminated with or without cause, MSK Barristers wants to help you to ensure that you recover what you are entitled to under the law. MSK Barristers brings many years of experience in addressing and resolving employment law issues between employers and employees in non-union settings. This experience extends to issues including wrongful dismissal and severance, employment contract issues, discrimination in the workplace issues, sick leave and medical disability issues, and employer’s duty to accommodate.

Employment law issues are often complex and emotionally charged issues for both sides of the conflict, and usually require prompt attention and resolution because your livelihood is more often than not on the line. For this reason, MSK Barristers is dedicated to promptly turning its mind to your case, working with you to calculate what your bottom line is, and making a reasonable request of your employer to make you whole. Employment related issues usually benefit from prompt and strong legal representation at an early stage.

If you are facing problems with your employment conditions, pending termination, or have recently been terminated, please contact MSK Barristers right away for a consultation at our office in Toronto.