Immigration Hearings and Appeals

Mamann, Sandaluk & Kingwell has always maintained a busy immigration litigation and enforcement practice. Over the course of our history, we have represented individuals before the Courts and every immigration tribunal.

Virtually every immigration decision may be challenged in one forum or another, either before the Immigration Appeal Division where the legislation provides for a right of appeal or at the Federal Court of Canada where decisions that do not provide a right of appeal may be reviewed by a judge.

In addition to the review of decisions made by the immigration authorities, our office also frequently represents individuals who are detained in the custody of the Canada Border Services Agency as well as defending individuals against allegations made by the government that they are inadmissible to Canada as a result of a criminal conviction or because they have been accused of making a material misrepresentation.

Another, busy area of our litigation and enforcement practice is the defence of Canadians whose citizenship the government is attempting to revoke. This is a relatively new area of practice because the government has in recent years become far more aggressive in revoking the citizenship of individuals who it believes acquired that status by fraud.

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