Anikka Hammett

Anikka graduated with LL.B. (Hons.) in London, United Kingdom in 1999 and has dedicated her professional career to immigration law. After graduating from university, Anikka began working for the United Kingdom Government as an Executive Officer, processing and adjudicating applications of various immigration matters, from temporary visas to permanent applications, such as family sponsorship, refugee and human rights claims.

Anikka immigrated to Canada herself in 2005, converting her law degree and is now licenced by the Law Society of Upper Canada. Since completing the accreditation process, Anikka has practiced at several Bay Street immigration law firms and is now looking forward to working with clients at Mamann, Sandaluk & Kingwell LLP.  Her focus is on building strategies for clients, providing advice and guidance on all types of temporary and permanent residency applications.

Having had the experience of being an Executive Officer, an immigrant, and an immigration lawyer, Anikka brings an essential multi-faceted perspective to her client’s immigration strategies; understanding the client’s anxiety and anticipating the expectation of the reviewing immigration officer.

Anikka is fluent in Danish.

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