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Mamann, Sandaluk & Kingwell is a full service immigration law firm in downtown Toronto. We are committed to giving our clients the best possible service in processing any immigration application or resolving any immigration problem, no matter how big or small. Our experienced staff is dedicated to achieving quick and affordable results for all of our clients.

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September 29, 2014 - Anthony Navaneelan is quoted in a National Post article about the investigation of his client, a gangster-turned-informant.

May 8, 2014- Anthony Navaneelan is quoted in a National Post article about the investigation of his client, a Canadian refugee claimant, by the FBI.

April 7, 2014Joel Sandaluk was interviewed by Pat Bolland on SunTV yesterday about the Ontario Court of Appeal challenge to the requirement that Permanent Residents swear allegiance to the Queen in order to become Canadian citizens.

January 13, 2014-Anthony Navaneelan is quoted in a Toronto Star article about the decision of Canada Border Services Agency to defer the execution of the removal order of his client, allowing her to remain in Canada with her Canadian wife.

November 29, 2013-Joel Sandaluk is interviewed for a Toronto Star article on the possibility that Toronto Mayor Rob Ford may have issues crossing the U.S./Canadian border in the future due to admitted past drug use.

November 25, 2013-An article written by Joel Sandaluk discussing changes to immigration policy relating to the Canadian Experience Class appears in Canadian Lawyer Magazine.

November 5, 2013 - Joel Sandaluk spoke to students about the highs and lows of practicing immigration law the University of Toronto Sociology and Criminology Society

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October 10, 2013 - Joel Sandaluk is interviewed by SunTV News regarding a challenge to the Security Certificate Process that is being heard by the Supreme Court of Canada.

July 29, 2013-FIRM ANNOUNCEMENT: We are very excited to announce that starting August 5, 2013, Mamann, Sandaluk & Kingwell LLP will have an associate present in Calgary, Alberta to assist with the immigration needs of individuals in that city and province.  Anyone in the Calgary area wishing to make an in-person appointment please call our Toronto office (1-416-862-00001-416-862-0000).  Further details to follow.

May 15, 2013-Guidy Mamann is interviewed by The Toronto Star newspaper to get his opinion on the current challenge to the wording of the Canadian Citizenship Oath.

May 13, 2013-Joel Sandaluk is interviewed on CTV News on the case of Issa Mohammad, who was able to gain entry to Canada in 1988 and remain until 2013 despite an earlier conviction for terrorism-related activities in Greece.

April 26, 2013-Joel Sandaluk is interviewed on CTV News on terrorism suspect Raed Jaser, who was not able to be deported from Canada due to his status as a stateless person.

April 24, 2013-Guidy Mamann is featured in an article in the Toronto Star reporting on the case of Maricon Gerente, a comatose woman whose Permanent Residency application was recently approved but whose daughters' status in Canada is still undecided. 

February 28, 2013-Joel Sandaluk is interviewed by CTV News on processing delays for immigrants and refugee claimants from Syria.

October 26, 2012-Joel Sandaluk is interviewed by CTV News on a recent change to the spousal sponsorship category of Permanent Residence stating that newlywed couples must live together for at lease two years after the sponsored person enters Canada or risk an investigation onto the validity of the relationship and possible deporation of the foreign national.

October 12, 2012-Guidy Mamann appears on CTV News to discuss the Faster Removal of Foreign Criminals Act and the decision not to allow American Terry Jones into Canada on October 11.

October 11, 2012-Joel Sandaluk appears on CTV News to discuss the decision by the Canada Border Services Agency to deny controversial American pastor Terry Jones entry to Canada.

October 3, 2012-Guidy Mamann is quoted in the Toronto Star after a press conference involving several prominent Toronto immigration lawyers on the Faster Removals of Foreign Criminals Act.

October 1, 2012-Joel Sandaluk is interviewed by the Toronto Sun regarding the reaction of Toronto's immigration lawyer community to the Faster Removal of Foreign Criminals Act. 


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Reviews of Mamann, Sandaluk and Kingwell LLP posted on Google+

We are a couple who applied together for Canadian permanent residency. After getting all approvals, we received our passports with immigrant visas. When we went to the Canadian border to get landed, we were derailed and told that one of us was a person of interest in an outstanding theft case from another country. We were flabbergasted and totally at a loss as to what to do as both of us are foreign nationals who had been inCanadafor less than 5 years on work visas. The CBSA officer informed us they need to do further investigations and will not be able to land us at that time.

The next day we hired a lawyer in our city, who was unable to provide any help or answers. Over a month later, we called Joel Sandaluk, after a Google search for a competent immigration lawyer. Initially, we were hesitant as Joel was located in another city and time zone; however, he proved his value within a few days, as he was able to obtain information on the case that was delaying our landing. We had been unsuccessful at getting this information from the CBSA despite ours and our previous lawyer’s repeated efforts. Joel managed the case and communicated with the authorities very effectively fromToronto, without having ever met us in person. He made himself available to us over the evenings and weekends, which significantly allayed our persistent fears over the situation. No matter how panicky we felt as the case developed, speaking with Joel always calmed our doubts.
Joel took ownership of the issue, liaising with a lawyer from the country of the case, to get it resolved. He also advocated for us ardently to the CBSA, and always believed in our innocence. He was always available to provide clear guidance regarding our options at every step. Dealing with Joel, we felt that he cared about us, a stark comparison to our previous lawyer who had always kept one eye on the clock while we talked, and sent us an astronomical bill at the end of a few unhelpful sessions. Joel was committed and focused on winning the case, and ensuring that we were able to reclaim our lives. Joel was also flexible with payments and transparent about the value delivered in exchange for the fee paid. Joel’s assistant, Michelle Madl, was also extremely helpful and responsive throughout the process.
After Joel’s unwavering support, it was no surprise that he was one of the first people we called after getting landed. We wholeheartedly recommend Joel for his passion, dedication, and capability, and are looking forward to engaging him when we are ready to apply for Canadian citizenship.


Client inBritish Columbia
September 2012


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